My Journey to 100k on Instagram: How You Can Also Monetize and Grow

The Beginning

That fateful night, scrolling through my Instagram explore page, I decided that I wanted to make my own Instagram page where I’m able to express my love for fashion, and outer space. Thus it began, with 0 followers and 0 following, I embarked on my journey through Instagram which now brings in over $1k per month.

Phase 1

Through the first few weeks of operating my page, it was getting decent traction of around 50 followers per week, and at that point, I was pretty happy with the growth I was experiencing. However, with the growth that I was experiencing, the amount of engagement wasn’t going up. This means that my comments and likes were stagnant which eventually led to me giving up. That was until…..

Phase 2

Again, scrolling through Instagram, I accidentally held on my profile picture for some random reason revealing my long lost and forgotten Instagram pages. Reflecting on my experience and impulse, I decided to click on my profile sucking me back into my page. After then, I started to consistently post, realizing that viewers valued content over everything else, and that to get a following you have to consolidate with others. Maybe it means to shout out for shout out, or engagement groups, I did what I had to ensure my page was growing.


My followers, comments, likes were all rising at a great level. However, I wasn’t fulfilled, always chasing numbers that would continue to rise along with the new normal. I was trapped, panicking when likes were down, or when average followers went down. It had to change, I couldn’t continue down this path. I had forgotten the reason why I had started these accounts, to share my love with others. It is with that realization that I changed the course of my thinking and overall approach towards Instagram. It was this realization that accelerated my Insta career.

Phase NOW

It has been over 1 year and I continue to post on my pages every single day. Even though sometimes I feel lazy not wanting to post, I always remember just why I post every day, and the smiles on people’s faces when I post. But somedays I’m just too tired lol. However, from my turning point, the amount of growth I experienced was far beyond what I could have ever imagined. By providing users with quality content that they enjoyed viewing, all aspects of my page started blowing up. With this newly gained Instagram fame, offers for my page and monetization opportunities came as well. Now my pages sit comfortably at 150k+, raking in over $1000 per month.

Key Takeaways — How to get your first 1000

  • Determine your niche: What do you want to post, what are you looking for: money, fast growth, always remember some niches pay more than others, etc. clothing, finance, etc.
  • Upload quality content: Content that ranks, content you feel others enjoy
  • Consistency: Upload daily, more you post more chances to gain
  • Deploy strategies: Use relevant hashtags, SFS, engagement groups, etc.
  • Look Future NOT Now: Don’t chase numbers and money, chase the future
  • Watch your work payoff: This doesn’t mean chasing numbers, it means new opportunities arising, such as affiliates, shoutouts, features, and increased overall organic engagement.
  • Everything will come to you if you take to utilize your time to the fullest, push for healthy growth, and don’t give up!!


I will be writing more about my Instagram experience and financial freedom. Please let me know in the comments on how I can improve my writing, and if you enjoyed please consider smashing that follow button!!

— Tristian Xu



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